Peter Risdon honoured by Tennis Surrey

Peter Risdon with the Tennis Surrey Meritorious Award decanter
Peter Risdon with the Tennis Surrey Meritorious Award decanter

The Chairman of Woodfield Grove, Peter Risdon, was honoured on Club Finals Day, Saturday 24 June, when he was presented with the prestigious Tennis Surrey Meritorious Award by the county’s Honorary Chairman, David Cianfarani.

It was a great surprise for Peter, who had no inkling that arrangements were being made to include members of his family and close friends as well as club members to be present for the occasion.

Mr Cianfarani slipped quietly into the club during the afternoon on the pretext of ‘just passing by’, and was joined by Peter’s brother, Michael, from Ireland, and his cousin Dianne and her son, Daniel, to help spring the surprise.

The Tennis Surrey Meritorious Award decanter

At 4pm precisely Champagne was served and Peter, lured from his post behind the bar, was presented with a magnificent glass decanter by David, who said: “Peter is the 21st recipient of this special award that recognises the selfless contribution that he has made to Woodfield Grove Tennis Club since he was a child.

“He has served as Chairman for over 30 years, represented the club countless times on the court, won 37 titles and had the centre court named in his honour.

David Cianfarani, Honorary Chairman, Tennis Surrey

“That isn’t enough, though, to recognise your great contribution, and it gives me great pleasure to present the Tennis Surrey Meritorious Award to you on this very special day.”

For once, the Chairman was caught by surprise and found himself at a loss for words beyond ‘Thank you!’ – a secret well kept and and an honour thoroughly well deserved.

A former stockbroker and director of BZW UK Equities Limited, Peter has been involved with tennis for most of his life as a player, umpire and volunteer club official.

He took a two-year break from the City to manage Lew Hoad’s Campo de Tenis in Spain and opted for early retirement in 1997, concentrating his efforts on Celebrity Tennis, a consultancy he was the driving force behind forming in 1997, and Woodfield Grove Tennis Club, where he continues to serve as Chairman.

The Honorary Chairmen’s Role of Honour board at Woodfield Grove Tennis Club

In fact, he is by far the club’s longest serving Chairman of the club and is currently in his 34th year of office, having just been re-elected for 2017-18.

He has been a member of Woodfield Grove Tennis Club since a child, and is its staunchest supporter. He has also acted as both men’s captain and treasurer.

On the playing front, he was an integral part of Woodfield Grove’s ‘golden era’ in the 1970s when the club fielded several teams in county competitions and played some 31 friendly matches throughout the year with local clubs.

In 1975, Peter, together with fellow-member Gordon Blair, reached the finals of the Greater London Parks Doubles Championships and the pair also reached the finals for the Surrey Doubles, twice.

The Peter Risdon Centre Court plaque presented by Maria Esther Bueno on behalf of the club.
The Peter Risdon Centre Court plaque presented by Maria Esther Bueno on behalf of the club.

In July 2005 the main tennis court at the club, Court 2, was named after him and a plaque presented by Honorary Member Maria Esther Bueno marked the occasion.

In 2014 Peter was further honoured by the club in celebration of fifty years since his first win there, after which he captured a total of 37 titles to date,  and the members presented a silver trophy to him to be used for a new event and, as a result, the Ris Team Cup was born with the inaugural competition held in 2015.

Over the years, in the club tournament, Peter has won 10 singles, 15 doubles and 13 mixed doubles titles to date.

Honorary Member Maria Esther Bueno presents the Peter Risdon perpetual cup to the Chairman
Honorary Member Maria Esther Bueno presents the Peter Risdon perpetual cup to the Chairman

The Ris Team Cup was a fitting tribute to one of the club’s most successful players and its most committed volunteer, who has now been formally recognised by Tennis Surrey for all the work he has done to make Woodfield Grove such a successful club.

Thanks is owed to Claire Lean, the club Secretary, for orchestrating all the top secret arrangements and to those very few who did know, for keeping it such a surprise!

Recipients of the Tennis Surrey Meritorious Award:

  • 2017 Peter Risdon (Woodfield Grove)
  • 2016 Denise Woods (West Surrey)
  • 2015 Margaret Clifford (Merrow), Kay Crooks (Wilton)
  • 2014 Martin Hooff (Purley)
  • 2013 Eric Rosier (Selsdon), David Garrett (Sutton Churches), Jenny Baird (Ember)
  • 2012 Nell Wells (Magdalen Park), Jenny Ritchie (Old College), Warwick Webb (Downswood), Mike and Valerie Padfield (Alfold), Mary Lane (Banstead Downs)
  • 2011 Bill Cowan (Purley Sports)
  • 2010 Sue Rothwell (New Malden), Michael Pinnegar (Reigate)
  • 2009 Julia Godman (Woking), David Coyte (Walton)
  • 2008 Peter Lane (Banstead Downs)

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WGTC opens new season with a win

A Millennium Cup win over Telford –

There’s a breath of fresh air sweeping over Woodfield Grove as the new tennis season begins with a win.

Last weekend the club’s Millennium Cup team scored a fine win over Telford Park, bringing to an end the recent drought of success in the friendly local competition.

It puts us top of the leaderboard with Grafton, at least for openers. A full report will follow…

The Millennium Cup involves the five clubs of Streatham in a league competition that provides friendly competition across all age groups.

It’s a chance for players to gain a taste for match play in a friendly environment and a good social event as food and drinks are served alongside.

Best of all is that the top players in the club are excluded to make for an even-playing field and because they get to play plenty of matches anyway in the Surrey leagues!

We field 7 teams in the Wilson Surrey Tennis competitions over the summer and winter months, in both leagues and knockouts.

There are three men’s teams, two ladies’ and two mixed teams, as well as other competitions in the summer aimed at those looking to improve their match skills.

For the first time, in 2017, the club has entered a men’s team into the Aegon Team Championships, the national club competition and play kicks off in that on Sunday 23 April when Woodfield Grove plays Riddlesdown at home.

Our new membership season begins on 1 May when subscriptions are renewed and we welcome new players to the club.

Why not come down and have a look, maybe even join us?

A New Year to play more…

Make it your’s to play more…

With the seasonal festivities over, our thoughts inevitably turn to losing weight, getting fit and leading a healthier lifestyle – in short, to play more!

What better way than to get out onto the tennis court at Woodfield Grove and start playing on a regular basis?

We are a small, friendly club with four floodlit courts and a modern, comfortable clubhouse offering a bar, kitchen, lounge, Sky TV and WiFi.

It’s a pleasant place to be.

And 2017 offers plenty of opportunities for players of all standards at Woodfield, which is located just a hop, skip and a jump from Streatham Hill in south London.

Tennis XPress for Beginners

If you are an adult beginner, there is Tennis XPress, a great six-week course that gets you playing quickly – our coaching team can tell you all about it and sign you up for the next one > Click HERE.

Tennis XPress sessions are run in the evenings for an hour and a half, a great way to unwind after work!

Better still, if you decide to join the club after your Tennis XPress course, we will give you a 15% discount on your subscription… that has to be a great deal.

Headed by Karin Govan, our Head Coach, a team of four teaching professionals offers a comprehensive coaching programme for all ages and standards. Check out the Coaching Page for more details.

Match Play

Members shortly will be signing up for the Winter Mixed Doubles Handicap Tournament that is played over the first three months of the year.

This is for the hardy, those who are prepared to endure some quite adverse weather conditions and a scoring system that levels the playing field, but is all great fun and helps introduce members to each other since partners are drawn out of a hat!

Then there is the Ris Team Cup, our one-day team competition that is played using a quick-fire, fast format of scoring that keeps players on their toes and counting every game won.

Everyone comes together afterwards for a barbecue and a few drinks from the bar.

A firm favourite among those new to match play or who are not of a standard to play for the club teams in the Surrey Leagues, is the Millennium Cup – a friendly local inter-club team competition that is played out over the summer months.

The Club fields seven teams in the Surrey Summer Leagues and five in the winter, as well as competing in the knock-out competitions.

All in all, Woodfield Grove could well become your port of call for a fitter, happier and healthier 2017!

Come on in, the courts are lovely!


Winter match play nearly complete, Summer Leagues coming up…

tennis final cannon 036
First Team Ladies – Mercedes, Lenka, Nina and Michele

Woodfield Grove’s Ladies 1st Team were pipped at the post in the Winter Women’s Doubles 2 / Division 9 East by Purley Bury Women’s 1, and it couldn’t have been much closer.

Both teams won 8 points over the 5 ties played, scoring 15 won – 5 lost in rubbers, so it came down to overall sets won – 34-5 to PB and 30-14 to WGTC.

The two teams played for the second time in a week at Woodfield Grove when the visitors won by just one set and relegatied WGTC into second place in the division.

This followed their disappointment at finishing runners-up to them in the knock-out final a week earlier at Purley Bury.

Congratulations to Lenka and Michele for playing 10 matches and winning them all over this winter campaign!

The men’s second team head their division 16 East, scoring 7 points from 4 ties played but have yet to play Norbury Park 3.

The men’s first team played all five of their winter league matches, finishing third in their division 10 East (MD 2) with a 7-10 rubber ratio; while the men’s third team earned 3 points from their five matches to end fifth in Division 25 East.

Everyone is now looking forward to the Wilson Summer League, which starts on the 1st May.

Wilson Surrey Summer League 2016
Sun 01/05/2016Men's Doubles - Div 09 EastCheam Fields ClubWoodfield Grove Men's 1
Sun 01/05/2016Men's Doubles - Div 18 EastWoodfield Grove Men's 2Wigmore Men's V
Sun 01/05/2016Men's Doubles - Div 23 EastWoodfield Grove Men's 3Honor Oak Men's1
Mon 09/05/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 03Magdalen Park 2Woodfield Grove Mixed 1
Mon 09/05/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 06 EastSouth Croydon Mixed 2Woodfield Grove Mixed 2
Sun 15/05/2016Women's Doubles - Div 10 EastLimpsfield Women's 3Woodfield Grove Ladies 1
Sun 15/05/2016Women's Doubles - Div 21Dorking Ladies 2Woodfield Grove Ladies 2
Sun 22/05/2016Men's Doubles - Div 09 EastWoodfield Grove Men's 1Old College Mens 3
Sun 22/05/2016Men's Doubles - Div 18 EastTelford Park Men's 3Woodfield Grove Men's 2
Sun 22/05/2016Men's Doubles - Div 23 EastWoodfield Grove Men's 3Dulwich 6
Mon 06/06/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 03Banstead Downs 2Woodfield Grove Mixed 1
Mon 06/06/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 06 EastWoodfield Grove Mixed 2Shirley Park Mixed 2
Sun 12/06/2016Women's Doubles - Div 10 EastWoodfield Grove Ladies 1Downs Ladies 1
Sun 12/06/2016Women's Doubles - Div 21Woodfield Grove Ladies 2Epsom Women's 4
Mon 04/07/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 03Woodfield Grove Mixed 1Wilton 1
Mon 04/07/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 06 EastReedham Park mixed doubles 1Woodfield Grove Mixed 2
Sun 10/07/2016Men's Doubles - Div 09 EastCarshalton Men's 1Woodfield Grove Men's 1
Sun 10/07/2016Men's Doubles - Div 18 EastWoodfield Grove Men's 2Grafton Mens 3
Sun 10/07/2016Men's Doubles - Div 23 EastRaynes Park Res. Mens 2Woodfield Grove Men's 3
Sun 17/07/2016Women's Doubles - Div 10 EastShirley Park Ladies 2Woodfield Grove Ladies 1
Sun 17/07/2016Women's Doubles - Div 21DL Cheam Women's 1Woodfield Grove Ladies 2
Mon 01/08/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 03Banstead Downs 1Woodfield Grove Mixed 1
Mon 01/08/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 06 EastWoodfield Grove Mixed 2Camber Mixed 2
Sun 07/08/2016Men's Doubles - Div 09 EastDormansland Mens 2Woodfield Grove Men's 1
Sun 07/08/2016Men's Doubles - Div 18 EastDulwich 4Woodfield Grove Men's 2
Sun 07/08/2016Men's Doubles - Div 23 EastSpencer5Woodfield Grove Men's 3
Sun 14/08/2016Women's Doubles - Div 10 EastWoodfield Grove Ladies 1Wigmore Ladies II
Sun 14/08/2016Women's Doubles - Div 21Old College Ladies 6Woodfield Grove Ladies 2
Sun 04/09/2016Men's Doubles - Div 09 EastWoodfield Grove Men's 1Purley Bury Men's 2
Sun 04/09/2016Men's Doubles - Div 18 EastWoodfield Grove Men's 2Selsdon mens 1
Sun 04/09/2016Men's Doubles - Div 23 EastCASSAC 2Woodfield Grove Men's 3
Sun 11/09/2016Women's Doubles - Div 10 EastDulwich Ladies 3Woodfield Grove Ladies 1
Sun 11/09/2016Women's Doubles - Div 21Woodfield Grove Ladies 2Richmond Ladies 3
Mon 12/09/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 03Woodfield Grove Mixed 1Purley Mixed 2
Mon 12/09/2016Mixed Doubles - Div 06 EastNorbury Park Mixed 1Woodfield Grove Mixed 2

Good luck to them all!

For those not involved in the Surrey Leagues, they can look forward to the up-and-coming Millennium Cup campaign, which kicks off on Sunday 17 April when Woodfield Grove is away against Telford Park.

And then we have the Club Tournament to look forward to…

Time to dust off those rackets and get down to business.

Springing up the Ladders

Ladders News

Climb your way up the ladder ranking
Climb your way up the ladder ranking

The Doubles Ladder is up and running alongside the Mixed Singles Ladder and both provide club members with an ideal opportunity to play others in friendly matches, especially now the evening are getting longer and there is a hint of spring in the air.

They both run under the same rules, are accessed online and are proving to be pretty competitive, especially in the lower regions of the singles rungs.

Ladies I reach Knockout Final

Woodfield Grove Ladies I won the Winter Knockout in 2015
Woodfield Grove Ladies I won the Winter Knockout in 2015

The Ladies 1st team is gearing itself up to play the final of the Surrey Ladies’ Grade B Team Knockout tournament held over the winter and will play away to Purley Bury 2 on Sunday 13 March at 11am.

Ironically, the two clubs will have to play again to determine which will win the Wilson Surrey Winter League and that match is scheduled for Sunday 20th March at home at 10:30am.

Whichever team wins the winter division in the league will have to play in Knock Out A next year so this will probably be both clubs’ last chance to play the final for a while!

WGTC Ladies I won at Shirley Park last Sunday, 3-1, and the division is up for grabs, depending on how PB did that same day as it all comes down to the wire.

The ladies will have to exercise some self control the night before their knockout final at the Quiz Nite on Saturday night if they are to have all their faculties fully operational.

Winter Tournament

The Winter Handicap Doubles Tournament is drawing slowly towards its conclusion in April with the matches now in the quarter finals.

On balance the handicapping has been fair, with just one glaring glitch to date.

The handicapping is done by committee and it really isn’t easy to accomplish so hats off for a well-balanced tournament on the whole.

The final is on Saturday 23 April at 2pm.


The Club’s Annual General Meeting is on Tuesday 15 March at 8pm and it is hoped many members, especially some of the new ones, will make an appearance since this is an opportunity to hear how the club is doing, what the future plans are and to learn members’ views on a variety of topics.

Coaching News

The following Saturday, 19 March, our coaching team is offering a range of free taster sessions for kids from 2pm and 5pm.

The first hour will cater for 5–7 year-olds, while 7-10s can try the game between 3pm-4pm and 10 year olds and over will take over the courts from 4pm until 5pm.

Feel free to bring along a new friend or two and enjoy the free lesson together!

Contact Karin Govan, our Head Pro on 07946 431 514 or email to sign up for a guaranteed spot in the Free Taster Sessions.


After Easter a select few members will have the chance to Play the Coach on Saturday 9 April from 2pm to 3.30pm in what promises to be an exciting event to watch!

Perhaps the most exciting news is that our team is launching Tennis XPress at the club, which is designed for adults who have never played tennis before, or haven’t played in a long time.

It is an easy and fun way for adult beginners to get into the game and will start at the club on Thursday 16 April when we are offering non-members a 6-week Tennis XPress course from 8pm to 9pm for just £54 for the full course.

AND THEN, if you decide to join the club after your Tennis XPress course, we will give you a 15% discount on your subscription!

It’s a great deal!

Also on offer is Cardio Tennis which is running in six-week courses from Thursday 21 April from 9.30am-10.30am.

Again, please contact Karin on 07946 431 514 or email to sign up.

It is all happening at Woodfield Grove!

Match play at Woodfield Grove

itf246022The Winter Handicap Doubles tournament is under way at Woodfield Grove – just one of the several competitions of varying levels held at our club.

Partners are drawn and given a handicap to level the playing field and it all makes for a great way to meet other members.

The final will be held on Saturday 23 April.

Other match play includes the Mixed Singles Ladder, which is accessed online and now features over 40 players.

On 1 March, a new Doubles Ladder will join the singles ladder and members are currently signing up for this.

Teams are being selected ahead of the Surrey Summer League and players will have the chance to attend some training sessions with one of the coaches.

tennis-net1By the time we hit the summer proper, entries will be accepted into the Club tournament so it is all go at Woodfield Grove on the competitive front.

For those without the urge to play serious matches there are Club Sessions and American Tournaments to look forward to.

With spring peeking around the corner, it surely is time to get out onto the courts!

Not a member yet? Look out for our promotional offers and taster sessions to be published shortly.

Tournament Results

Here are the results from the tournaments recently run by Karin at the club:

Ladies’ Tournament
  • 1st     Heloise
  • 2nd   Gemma
  • 3rd   Valerie
  • 4th   Andrea
Junior (2001, 2002, 2003) Tournament
  • 1st   Rory
  • 2nd  Alec
  • 3rd  Felix
Junior (2004, 2005) Tournament
  • 1st   Sofia
  • 2nd  Sam
  • 3rd   Caragh
Junior (2006, 2007) Tournament
  • 1st   William
  • 2nd   Lucas
  • 3rd    Ethan
Junior (2008, 2009) Tournament
  • 1st   Cormac
  • 2nd  Beth
  • 3rd   Hugo

Woodfield Grove wins Millennium Cup Masters

WinnersWoodfield Grove Tennis Club took full honours at the Millennium Cup Masters on Saturday, 1 August, hosted by Telford Park Lawn a Tennis Club in celebration of fifteen years of the local team competition that has involved hundreds of members from the clubs of Streatham.

Fielding the bare minimum of a team, David, Aiden, Maggie and Anna stepped up the plate and came up trumps.

The late arrival of Snookie added Peter to the mix, who able assisted both as co-captain and bench sub.

It was all about celebrating fifteen years of the Millennium Cup and four of the five participant clubs took part, with Wigmore absent due to being unable to field a team, which was disappointing.

Three rounds of ties were played, with Grafton LTC, Norbury Park, LTC, Telford Park and Woodfield Grove playing each other during the course of the day in timed ties over singles, doubles and mixed.

“It was tricky, making sure you got all the matches played in the timeframe,” said Nigel, Norbury Park’s captain. “But the short format is fun because it engages everyone quickly!”

Fast4 was launched in Australia in January and allows players to play a quick match by winning four games to win a set with a short tiebreak at three games all.

For the MC Masters, each match comprised of one set and all games won (and lost) counting towards each club’s cumulative score line.

“The aim is to win as many games as possible,” said Steve, Telford Park’s Captain. “And lose as few as possible!”

WGTC established an early lead after the first tie lasting 90 minutes, defeating Telford Park 15-9.

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The opening men’s singles went to a short tiebreak in favour of Telford’s Robin, who defeated Aiden 4-3, after which the eventual winners kicked in to lose just five more games in the next four matches.

A break for a fabulous barbecue lunch provided by Telford Park followed, which was enjoyed by all sitting outside in the glorious weather.

After an extended lunch break, the Tie Period was reduced to 75 minutes to increase the challenge and WGTC was up for it.

Second round opponents were Grafton and although they were pushed in both the doubles and got pipped by the clock, Woodfield still recorded a convincing win, 18-10.

Aiden found his range on the synthetic clay and 14-year old Anna, who proved to be the backbone of the team, came through their singles with the loss of only two games between them.

Grafton’s Rosie teamed up with Fiona and pushed Anna and Maggie hard but lost out in the short tiebreak, while Peter and Aiden proved too strong for Will and Paul (G) 4-2.

Murray and Julie proved strong challengers against Snookie and Maggie but ran out of time, 3-2.

Maggie was struggling with a bad back but since Woodfield only fielded the minimum two ladies, soldiered on bravely, pairing up with Anna to win the doubles in another short tiebreak.

“We thought of substituting Maggie but she was determined to play her part,” said David, WGTC’s Captain.

“She and Anna did really well!”

The final round of ties was played after a short break with WGTC leading the pack, just two points ahead of Norbury Park. There was all to play for…

Norbury challenged them hard but Woodfield ultimately proved too strong, winning through 17-12 when time ran out on them.

Terry McGranaghan and Andrew King (NP) snatched the men’s doubles from Aiden and David, despite the substitution of Peter mid stream, in the tiebreak.

As everyone repaired to the clubhouse for a sumptuous tea and the presentation, the final standings were confirmed by the referee:

  • First Place – Woodfield Grove [50-31]
  • Second – Norbury Park [41-38]
  • Third – Telford Park [37-41]
  • Fourth – Grafton [33-46]

The winners received a certificate and a bottle of Prosecco each for their efforts and everyone else on a team, a certificate of participation.

“Congratulations to everyone!” said Barbara, the referee and founder of the Millennium Cup as she made the presentations.

“This was somewhat of a pilot, using the new short tennis format [Fast4] and you all did very well.

“We saw some really competitive tennis, especially towards the end as you all became used to the format.

“The consensus seems to be that this has been a successful and enjoyable event, a good way to celebrate fifteen years of Millennium Cup competition and, maybe, we’ll do it again soon.

”I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts, Telford Park, and particularly Juliet and Steve and their team, for welcoming us so warmly and for providing such wonderful hospitality throughout the day.”

Juliet, Chair of the Millennium Cup Organising Committee added: “We have all really enjoyed today.

“When Barbara proposed this to the committee, we all got very confused and thought it would never fly but it has and it has been great fun!

“The committee will take a good look at how to tweak it for the future and we hope we can do this again soon.”

Murray spoke on behalf of all the participants: “I’d like to thank Barbara for all the arrangements and for running the show so smoothly, particularly providing all the materials to explain what we should be doing!”

All in all, a good day and a good way to celebrate the Millennium Cup’s 15th Anniversary year.

For more click HERE


A fine Finals Day at Woodfield Grove Tennis Club

Singles champions Joey and Mercedes
Singles champions Joey and Mercedes

Once again, Finals Day proved to be a highly competitive affair on Saturday 20 June.

In a change from the normal schedule, play opened with the Men’s Singles, which saw the defending champion and top seed, Matt, pitched against the same finalist as last year, Joey.

A year can make quite the difference in this game and Joey has been working hard on his game, so much so that he was able to see off the player to whom he lost in three sets last year with a decisive 6-2 6-2 victory.

Mercedes was also defending her title, against the very same opponent as last year, Candice, and again proved the more consistent and innovative with her shot-making, winning 1-6 6-4 6-4 to take her third singles championships.

While the status quo was maintained in the ladies, the men’s doubles saw a changing of the guard as Joey teamed up with Andy to dispatch the top seeds, Mark and Tony in straight sets, 6-4 6-4.

The ladies doubles went in a similar fashion with top seeds and holders Lenka and Michele seeing off Mercedes and Barbara with relative ease, 6-3 6-2.

The mixed doubles, however, has yet to finish, having been interrupted by rain with Tony and Michele leading Mark and Nina by a set, 6-3.

As the deluge continued, the presentation of prizes was made by 19 Grand Slam winner Maria Esther Bueno, who is an Honorary Member of the club.

During the day, over 40 members and their guests enjoyed a barbecue lunch and afternoon tea as they watched some fine tennis.

The mixed final will be concluded at a later date.

A full report with more photos can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Competition hots up at the club

The Club silverware
The Club silverware

Club Finals day approaches on Saturday 20 June when there will be a barbecue from 12 Noon until 2pm, followed by tea from 3pm to 5pm and, of course, some great tennis to watch…

Members are asked to sign up in the clubhouse for food and to assist with officiating if possible. If you are interested in doing so, please email John or Michele.

The Club Tournament hots up as it  reaches the semi-final stages in men’s and ladies’ singles and doubles, and mixed doubles events and, over the coming week or so, we will be seeing some intense competition for the final spots.

Top seed and current men’s singles champion Matt is being challenged by teenager Ben while, in the other half of the draw, second-seeded Andrew faces another teenager, Joey, in his semi final contest.

In the women’s singles, trophy holder Mercedes  meets Nina while Lenka, the second seed for the title, must overcome another former champion, Candice, if she is to make it to finals day.

Tony and Mark, both absent from singles play this year, combine again in the men’s doubles in search of a fourth title in a row together, and they will meet Matt and Neil in their semi final.

In the other half, the second seeds, John  and Peter, who have notched up four titles together and have appeared in the finals on countless other occasions, meet the new pairing of Joey and Andrew in their semi on Tuesday.

The finalists in the women’s doubles are already set with Lenka and Michele, the top seeds, seeing off a strong challenge from Candice and Anna and winning through, 1-6 6-3 6-3, to face Mercedes and Barbara, the second seeds, who overcame Nina and Karin, 6-1 4-6 6-3, in a two-hour marathon at the weekend.

The mixed doubles has been dominated for nearly two decades by Michele, who is in search of her sixteenth title in this discipline and her sixth with Tony. Siblings Anna and Ben challenge in that semi final, while their father, Mark, teams up with Nina against David and Lenka.

Whoever gets through at the last, the finals promise to provide an entertaining day of tennis at Woodfield Grove Tennis Club.

Play starts at 10.30am with food for the barbecue costing £10 per person, including burgers, sausages, salads, strawberries and cream and cheeseboard, while afternoon tea is just £3 each for sandwiches, scones and cakes.

Please email if you can’t sign up in the clubhouse by close of play on Wednesday 17 June as we need to know catering numbers.

Above all, do come along to the club’s biggest day of the year!