LTA Standards

All Registered Venues are required to meet 5 LTA Standards that  WGTC has adopted  for the protection of all using the club.

Importantly,  the Standards for Safeguarding and Protecting Children in England are incorporated, which has led to the need for several new club policies.

The LTA standards include: Safeguarding Policies and Procedures; Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedures; Welfare Officer, Criminal Record Checks and Risk Assessment (Health and Safety), all of which are reviewed regularly.

WGTC Summary Statement of our Club Safeguarding Policy, 2019

Safeguarding and protecting children at the club is the responsibility of everyone, members, officials, coaches and participants.

The club and its members have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the protection of the children and young people who use our facilities.

Whenever coaches and volunteers provide activities for children, they have a duty of care for these children.

This duty extends to making sure children are safe in tennis activities and, integral to this, is that sport is fun.

At Woodfield Grove, we are continuously developing our safeguarding processes in order to promote a culture of safeguarding amongst our coaches, parents, young people and members.

Policy Statement

WGTC is committed to prioritising the well-being of all children and adults at risk, promoting safeguarding in our club at all times, including all programmes and events we run.

All activities, events and competitions arranged by the club run in accordance with the LTA’s Safeguarding at Events, Activities and Competitions guidance.

This Policy strives to minimise risk, deliver a positive tennis experience for everyone and respond appropriately to all safeguarding concerns/disclosures.

Reporting a Concern

Any concern about a child, young person or adult at risk should, where possible, be raised confidentially with our club Welfare Officer:

Carole Britton, on 07910 951675.

Carole may involve other agencies, such as the LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team, as necessary.

Please act promptly, you do not have to wait until you are certain your concern is confirmed.

You can also use the online form to register a safeguarding concern to the LTA > Click HERE.

LTA Minimum Standards for Club Registration

As well as the Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, our Club Welfare Officer now has responsibility for the implementation of the other new LTA Standards, including:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedures
  • Criminal Record Checks (e.g. for coaches)
  • The Club Risk Assessment – Health and Safety

The relevant policies can be downloaded from this page below.

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